There are literally hundreds of entertainment career choices and you should know what you are interested in before you start looking. Here are some of them broken down by type:

Technical Creative

  • Camera – roles include cameraman, director of photography, 1st  /2nd assistant cameraman, camera operator/assist ant etc
  • Lighting –responsible for creating the mood, atmosphere and effects on set.
  • Music – creates the right mood for the audience, be it happy, sacred etc. Roles include composer, song writer, music arranger etc
  • Production Sound – they capture the voices of the actors and make sure all the equipment works properly. Roles include sound mixer, boom operator, music editor etc
  • Construction – provides the look of a film by building sets and new structures. Works closely with the Art dept. Roles include construction manager, sculptor, carpenter, scenic artist etc
  • Editing and Post Production – responsible for assembling the raw material into the finished film. There are a number of job roles (editor, assistant editor, second assistant manager etc). They employ editors and assistant editors.
  • Sound- Post Production – responsible for constructing the sonic identity of the film. For example creating the noises of giant explosions, or car crashes and adding more subtle sounds.
  • Title designers – design the opening titles for films as well as the captions that appear in the film giving details of time, place etc. and the end credits.


  • Art Department – creates the visual world or setting for a film. They construct appropriate backdrops. Roles include art director, production designer, production assistant set director, storyboard, artist, etc
  • Costume Department – responsible for anything the actors may wear. In addition, the manufacture, purchase, hire and fitting of the costumes.
  • Hair & Make up – responsible for the design, application, continuity of hair and make up for the actors and actresses during the production.
  • Props Dept –responsible for how all the props are created and where they are placed. Roles include prop master, prop dresser, dressing props etc
  • Performing – actors work with directors to create the characters. Jobs include actor, agent, choreographer etc
  • The Script Department - the screenplay provides a written blueprint for the entire film. There are both screenwriters and television writers. Roles include scriptwriters, script editors and script readers.

 Management & Organisational

  • Casting – responsible for selecting the actors who will play the roles in a film or TV show. Roles include the director, assistant etc
  • Location Dept - responsible for selecting a suitable location, calculating the costs and negotiating the deal for the location of a movie or television show. They manage all aspects of shooting on set. Roles include location manager, unit manager etc
  • Direction – they have overall decision on everything and create the style of the film. Roles include Director, 1st /2nd Assistant Director, Floor runner etc
  • Production Office – control many groups of people and bring them together so that they can make the film or programme. Roles include producer, assistant producer, runner etc.
  • Distribution & Publicity – launching and sustaining films in the marketplace. Displays films in towns via posters etc Roles include distributors, publicists etc
  • Exhibition Dept – the final part of the film production bringing the finished product to the audience. Roles include programmer, projectionist etc
  • Film Transport –moves all the equipment and crew to every location
  • Accounts – the accountants responsible for the financing of the film and its profitability
  • Health & Safety – ensures the film crew are safe
  • Catering – ensures everyone is fed on set!




  • Amplify Trading. Their six-week Internship Training Programme is one of the country’s most prestigious programmes for interns, with financial giants including Citigroup, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and Pimco asking Amplify to recommend their most successful trainees at the end of each course, proving its worth in today’s market.  It will provide you with professional front office trading experience that will give you a real edge when applying for jobs in the financial sector  Graduates will now also receive a Level 5 Diploma in Trading & Financial Markets Analysis. This is in addition to the invaluable training and experience each class gains in financial market research, hedge fund trading, investment bank sales & trading and portfolio management. A programme where students undertake the exact same training that Amplify deliver to their global investment banking clients as part of their graduate training schemes. There is a cost to the programme: £1400 + VAT per stage and there are 2 stages.
  • Bank Of America Merrill Lynch: running for ten weeks between June and August, a summer internship provides a thorough introduction to the financial services industry. Full-time and internship programmes are available in the following areas: Compliance, Corporate Audit, Global Banking and Markets Wholesale Credit, Global Corporate & Investment Banking, Global Liquidity Risk Management - Corporate Treasury, Global Loan Products, Global Markets, Global Research, Global Transaction Services, Market Risk, Quantitative Management and Technology. Learn more about Bank of America's assessment process and online tests HERE.
  • Barclays: 8-10 week internships are available in Global Markets, Investment Banking, Technology and a broad range of other business functions such as Compliance, HR, IT, Global Events, Risk Management, Corporate Communications, Legal and Operations. Find out more about how to prepare for the job assessment process for Barclays here.. 
  • BNP Paribas: London, New York, Hong Kong or Singapore offices recruit summer interns for 10-12 weeks. 
  • Citi: opportunities across capital markets, corporate banking, sales & trading, private banking, HR, operations, transaction services, technology & risk. Learn more about Citi's assessment process and online tests HERE.
  • Commerzbank: internships available in most areas including fixed income sales & trading, market risk and IT. 8 weeks+ at any time of the year.
  • Credit Suisse: a range on internships available within investment banking, equities, fixed income, alternative investments, global markets solutions, operations & IT. Learn more about Credit Suisse assessment process and online tests HERE.
  • Deutsche Bank: internships available in asset management,corporate finance, markets, transaction banking, technology & operations, HR & risk. Learn more about Deutsche Bank assessment process and online tests HERE.
  • Goldman Sachs: 10 week programme. Find out more about how to prepare for the job assessment process of Goldman Sachs HERE.
  • HSBC: programmes include banking advisory, capital markets, leveraged finance, global markets, research, asset management, finance, technology, operations & private banking. Practice tailored psychometric tests similar to the ones used by HSBC HERE.
  • ICAP: 8 week structured programme. Practice tailored psychometric tests similar to the ones used by ICAP HERE.
  • Jefferies. they offer a 10 week programme in Investment Banking in Europe. You will receive division specific training as well as classroom training, seminars, social events and mentoring.
  • JP Morgan: intern positions are available within asset management, finance, HR, Risk, Investment banking, Operations, sales & trading, research, technology & treasury.
  • Lazard: their 10 week Analyst programme is based in their London office. There are also opportunities in Paris and other offices globally. Applications open in August. 
  • Macquarie Bank: opportunities exist within fixed income, commodities, funds group, capital, securities, risk and IT. 
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International: 10 week programme. Summer Internships. Opportunities exist within Global Markets, Investment Banking, Corporate Infrastructure and Technology. They take 10-12 interns each year. 
  • Morgan Stanley: 10 week internships available across the bank in institutional securities, investment management, wealth management, technology & operations, corporate. Find out more about how to prepare for the job assessment process of Morgan Stanley HERE.
  • Nomura: programmes available in sales, trading, research and structuring. Find out more about how to prepare for the job assessment process of Nomura HERE.. 
  • RBC Capital Markets: 8 week programme in investment banking
  • RBS Group: programmes available in markets & banking, retail & wealth and central areas such as business services, risk, finance, technology and operations. They also offer a 12 week winter internship starting in January. 
  • Standard Chartered Bank: programmes available only in Asia, Africa and The Middle East.
  • Societe Generale: 10-12 weeks in length in either Corporate or Investment Banking. 
  • UBS: positions available across sales, trading, research, corporate, global capital markets, finance, HR, IT, operations, risk and legal. Learn more about UBS assessment process and online tests HERE.
  • Unicredit: They offer an intrenational Internship Programme. The program, is sponsored by the Foundation UniCredit & Universities in cooperation with UniCredit and offers the opportunity for students in economics, finance, banking, management, engineering or law to do a 3-months summer internship. Jobs are available in different areas of the bank. Positions exist throughout Europe. 

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