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Be aware that the majority of banks ask you to complete online tests. You have to pass these before they even look at your application. Its critical therefore to gain some practice before you take them. Obtain practice papers and advice HERE.

Investment Banking: A - G

  • Amplify  They have a nine-week Trading Career Programme (a three-stage, multiple-asset course including financial backing in the final stage) and is the first of their programmes to receive formal industry recognition. Successful graduates will now receive an Advanced Level 5 Diploma in Trading & Financial Markets Analysis whether they opt for our in-house Career Trading Desk or remote study Career Hybrid course format. This is in recognition of nearly 400 contact hours of professional training, including at least 320 hours of live trading, as well as completing modules including global macro fundamentals, technical analysis, behavioural finance and trading psychology.Training follows an intensive and structured timetable progressing traders onto the live market where each trainee trades with a company funded account, receiving 60% of their trading profits. Products traded include equities, fx, commodities and fixed income. There is a cost to the programme: £1600 + VAT per stage and there are 3 stages.
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch: BAML offer both Analyst and Associate ( MBA required) full time programmes. The programme format and offering varies by business but all programmes offer formal, ongoing training and development opportunities, structured performance evaluations, mentoring support and networking opportunities; all set to supplement your on the job learning and experiences. Opportunities are available in their banking, markets and finance area, business support and technology and operations. Off cycle programmes are also available. 
  • Barclays: Their graduate programme hires directly onto the specific teams in the following divisions: Investment Banking, Global Markets (Sales, Trading, Structuring, Prime Services, Research and Quantitative Analytics) and Global Financial Risk Management (Credit & market Risk). You will be supported by a structured training programme lasting eight weeks, at the end of which you’ll join a specific team.
    There are also Infrastructure programmes in Finance, Operations, Technology, HR, Compliance, Corporate Communications & Marketing.  These programmes usually involve 2 or 3 rotations each lasting 6-12 months.

Find out more about how to prepare for the job assessment process for Barclays HERE.

  • BNP Paribas: Their Analyst Development Programme is offered in three business areas  - Capital Markets & Derivatives, Financing Solutions & Advisory and Functions. You will be hired directly onto a desk. BNP also offer a European Graduate Banking Programme, which is an 18-month rotational programme for graduates interested in a credit related role within Corporate & Transaction Banking Europe (CTBE). CTBE is a specialist client-relationship unit serving large and mid cap European clients and the European subsidiaries of BNP Paribas clients globally. It provides Corporate Lending, Cash Management, Leasing and Factoring services. 
  • BNY Mellon: They offer the BNY Rotational Development Programme. Four-week orientation includes business overviews and training in global capital markets, BNY Mellon products and services, risk, business skills and leadership presence. Three four-month rotations within your geographic program that combines learning with skill development through practical work. BNY also offer a number of technology programmes
  • Citi. Opportunities for their Full Time Analyst Programme are offered within Capital Markets Origination, Research, Corporate Banking, Transaction Services, Investment Banking, Private Banking and Sales and Trading. Within the Corporate Functions, opportunities exist within HR, Operations, Technology Infrastructure and Risk Management. Learn more about Citi's assessment process and online tests HERE.
  • Close Brothers.  Close Brothers is a leading UK merchant banking group providing lending, deposit taking, wealth management services and securities trading.Graduate programmes are available in risk, finance, operations and technology. You will join specific departments. Degrees in all disciplines are considered however the following subjects are desirable: IT, Computer Science, Business, Finance, Economics, Engineering, Maths and Science.
  • Credit Suisse. Their Analyst Programmes are available within Investment Banking, Equities, Fixed Income, Global Markets Solutions, Operations, Alternative Investments, IT and Shared services (Finance, Risk, Communications and Branding). Most involve an initial 5-6 week training programme.  Learn more about Credit Suisse assessment process and online tests HERE

  • Commerzbank. There are a broad range of programmes on offer including Investment Banking/Corporates & Markets, Private & Business Clients, Corporate Banking, Inhouse Consulting, Risk Management, Finance & controlling, Special Banking, HR and IT. 

  • Deutsche Bank Global Analyst Training Program is 12 months in length. Some programmes involve rotations, other encourage you to specialise early. Opportunities exist within Corporate Finance; Global Markets; Global Transaction Banking; Asset Management; Wealth Management & Corporate Banking; Technology; Finance; Group Audit; Human Resources; Risk; Regulation, Compliance & Anti-Financial Crime. Learn more about Deutsche Bank assessment process and online tests HERE
  • First Derivatives First Derivatives is a leading provider of products and consulting services to the capital markets industry. Focused on financial institutions that work cross-asset, often with multi-system and/or high volume trading activities, the Company scopes, designs, develops, implements and supports a broad range of mission critical data and trading systems across front, middle and back-office operations. They are based in Ireland. They offer a range of Graduate streams which include Data Scientist, Trading Technology, Financial Engineering, Software Engineering, Global Technology Marketing and International. Underpinning them all is a 2 year Capital Market Training programme. 
  • GlencoreXstrata. Glencore Xstrata plc is one of the world’s largest global diversified natural resource companies. They offer a Graduate Trainee Trader Scheme, for those interested in commoditoes trading.  Numerical ability is fundamental as is the ability to work in a highly pressured and fast paced environment. You need at least 340 UCAS points to apply. The positions are based with Glencore Uk in London, which is the headquarters for the group’s oil business and trades various products including oil and gas and also has upstream investments in oil production.
  • Goldman Sachs. Their New Analyst Programme enables you to learn about the business, devlop relationships and build your skills. Find out more about how to prepare for the job assessment process of Goldman Sachs HERE

Investment Banking: H - N

  • HSBC. Their Global Analyst Induction Programme is available within Global Banking Advisory, Equity Capital Markets, Coverage-Relationship Management, Leveraged and Acquisition Finance, Project and Export Finance, Sales, Trading, Debt Capital Markets, Global research, Compliance, Finance, Operations, Technology, Securities Service Asset Management and Private Banking. Practice tailored psychometric tests similar to the ones used by HSBC HERE

  • ICAP. The full time graduate programmes are available across all ICAP businesses. Some involve rotational programmes. All start with global induction in London. ICAP are looking for proactive self-starters with a keen interest in working in global financial markets. You need to be strong, resilient, and quick-thinking. A strong academic record is essential. You will have achieved, or be on track to achieve, a 2.1 degree, 3.2 GPA or regional equivalent. However, just as important is exceptional interpersonal and networking skills.

Practice tailored psychometric tests similar to the ones used by ICAP HERE

  • IG Group. IG Group is a world-leading provider of financial spread betting and CFDs. They have headquarters in London and offices across Europe, as well as in the US, Australia, Japan, Singapore and South Africa. Graduate opportunities occur across the business and include 12- and 18-month development programmes as well as trainee roles. They often have roles in trading and also IT development. 
  • Jefferies. They offer an analyst and associate programme. The later open to MBA graduates. They provide a training environment that combines formal learning, on-the-job case studies and regulatory exam training. They are open to graduates from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines. 
  • J.P.Morgan. Full time graduate positions are offered in Asset Management, Finance, IB Risk, Investment Banking, Operations, Private Banking, Sales, Trading & research, Securities Servicing and Clearing, Technology and Treasury Services. You should be aware that all their graduate positions within Investment Banking and Sales, Trading & Research are filled by their summer interns. 

  • Lazard. They offer M&A Graduate Analyst roles within their Financial Advisory business in London. There are 20+ positions available. There are also opportunities across Europe. The training programme, includes carefully designed residential courses, master classes led by practicing bankers and on the job coaching by team colleagues.

  • Macquaire Group. They offer a non-rotational programme where you are placed in your role from day 1. The majority of the positions are in London, however there are opportunities in Bristol, Leeds, Paris and Frankfurt.

  • Mitsubushi UFJ Securities International. Their graduate training programme is 12 months in length and provides bespoke rotations into a variety of business areas. They have graduate opportunities across Global Markets, Investment Banking, Corporate Infrastructure and Technology. Within Global Markets and Investment Banking, opportunities span Sales, Trading, Research, Debt, Capital Markets, Structured Products and Derivatives. Within Corporate Infrastructure, they have opportunities across Risk, Product Control, Quantitative Solutions, Product Development and Operations. Within Technology, they have opportunities across a number of technical teams and support functions.

  • Morgan Stanley. Their Analyst Programmes are available within Institutional Securities and include Institutional Equity and Prime Brokerage, Equity Research, Fixed Income & Commodities, Fund Services, Global Capital Markets, Investment Banking and Strats & Modeling. Also available are programmes within Investment Management and Wealth Management. Within Company Management opportunities exist within Corporate Treasury, Finance, and Credit Risk. Within Infrastructure, there are Operations, and Technology programmes. 

  • Nomura. Full time Analyst positions exist within Investment Banking, Global Markets (Equities and Fixed Income), Finance, Operations and Technology. Find out more about how to prepare for the job assessment process of Nomura HERE

Investment Banking: R - U

  • Rabobank. The Young IT Professional Programme.  18 month training period in technology. They are looking for computer science graduates or a degree in a science related field. 

  • RBC Capital Markets. They offer Analyst positions in London within Global Investment Banking, Global Markets, IT, Operations, Risk Management. Training generally in London and Toronto. 

  • RBS Group. Programmes include Capital Markets, Research & Strategy, Sales, Trading, Structuring, International Banking, UK Retail and Wealth Management (Coutts and Adam & Co). There are also programmes available within Business Services, Finance, Technology, Operations, Risk, HR and Audit.

  • Standard Chartered. The International Graduate Programme offers 6 different career paths: transaction banking, retail banking, wealth management, commercial banking, financial markets, and corporate and institutional banking and corporate finance. Each is a year long, immersive, global programme. They involve a number of rotations within the business as well time spent in an international office. 
  • Societe Generale. They offer graduates a range of opportunities across multiple disciplines and business areas.

  • Standard Bank. They offer a range of programmes. Their corporate and Investment Banking programme is 12-18 months in length. They also offer global markets programmes, risk, IT, client coverage, finance and transactional product programmes. 
  • UBS. Their Graduate Training Programme (GTP) is a 12-24 month programme which includes strategy and business experience, work experience and specific training and cross business learning. Each programme is bespoke. Learn more about UBS assessment process and online tests HERE.

  • Unicredit. A 12-month rotational programme within either Finance & Advisory, Markets, Global Transaction Banking, Networks, Financial Institutions Group or Research, including an overseas placement. You need a minimum of 6 months of international experience during your holidays abroad or an international internship to demonstrate your ability to adjust to an international environment and show your eagerness to learn different languages.

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