• Aston Martin. Opportunities exist within Product Development, Purchasing, Finance, IT, Quality, Brand Communications and Manufacturing. Whether you are applying for an Engineering or Business position, you will rotate around the business within the first 12 months. You will learn about the different roles within the business functions. At the end of the graduate development programme, you will be an experienced professional with a thorough working knowledge of the business and will have been given the opportunity to study for a relevant professional qualification. You will need a relevant degree depending upon your chosen area.
  • Bentley. The two-year development programme combines technical learning alongside developing your interpersonal skills through workshops, team projects and community work, as well as an individual placement plan and professional development. Additionally, you will have the chance to undertake a placement elsewhere within the VW Group. You will be based in Crewe, although international placements are a possibility. Opportunities exist in Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Purchasing, Production, Logistics, Pre-series Centre, Information Systems and Personnel.
  • BMW. The graduate training scheme provides an opportunity for a number of graduates to take part in a two-year graduate training scheme based in the Head Office in Bracknell, Berkshire. Alternativelt they offer a global leadershipdevopment programme. Practice tailored psychometric tests similar to the ones used by BMW HERE
  • Ford. They offer opportunities across a variety of functions including Manufacturing, Product Development, Sales & Marketing, HR, IT, Finance and Purchasing. 
  • Jaguar Land Rover. Their two-year graduate programme provides a blend of technical expertise and carefully planned personal development. You will gain a broad experience of the business and its activities, a comprehensive induction into the area of your choose and hands-on experience of working on a production line, making the vehicles. Opportunities exist in HR, Product Development Engineering, IT and Manufacturing. 
  • Nissan. Their offer a number of Graduate  Programmes in the following areas: engineering, quality engineering, finance, HR, purchasing, operations, business technology, sales & marketing, logistics and supply chain.  
  • PSA Peugeot Citroen. You can expect to spend 12 to 18 months as a trainee. You’ll either work in a number of different departments, in your chosen function, or on long-term project work. Wherever you work, you’ll gain a full appreciation of your chosen function. Roles exist within Sales & network Operations, Distribution, Marketing & PR and Finance.
  • Renault. Their Graduate Development programme is 2 years. By the end of your induction, you will have followed the progress of a Renault vehicle from importation to delivery, understood the approach to sales & marketing and had the opportunity to test drive the Renault range. During your 2 year training period, you’ll spend a significant period of time in a Renault dealership, understanding the business and the needs of the customers. You will also undertake a series of work placements at Head Office with skills training along the way, to help prepare you for your first managerial role. Once you have completed your training period, you’ll move into your first managerial role based at Head Office in Hertfordshire or regionally, in a field based role. You need at least 12 months commercial work experience and speaking French is an advantage.
  • Rolls Royce. You can choose from two core programmes. Both offer you the choice of a broad range of disciplines, and each has built-in coaching and mentoring. The Professional Excellence Programme is designed to give you a hands-on, immersive experience in the specific field of your choice. Alternatively, the Leadership Development programme will channel your learning into a broader commercial context, giving you the chance to tackle the operational and managerial dimensions of your chosen field.The Professional Excellence Programme is 12-18 months, comprised of a series of placments each 12 weeks long. Opportunities exist in Commercial, Engineering, Health, Safety and Environment, Project Management, Manufacturing Engineering, Purchasing and Supply Chain Planning and Control.The Leadership Programme consists of two distinct parts. The first is 18 months and made up of a series of six month placements, which one will be overseas. Part two consists of two more 18-24 month posts. You are required to choose a discipline to specialise in. Possibilities include Customer Management, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Manufacturing Engineering or Operations Management. Practice tailored psychometric tests similar to the ones used by Rolls Royce HERE
  • Toyoto. It is an 18 month programme and they take on graduates in three areas: Logistics, HR and Finance. Positions are based in Burnaston, Derbyshire or Deeside, North Wales. 
  • Volkswagen Group A structured two-year programme gives 12 graduates the chance to become future leaders of the business. It’s designed to give you exposure to a variety of roles and projects. You’ll be given projects with business-critical impact from the start, and you’ll be encouraged to share your ideas and opinions.
  • Volvo Trucks. They offer a number of Graduate schemes in engineering, IT, operations and an international programme. 
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