Insights into Banking & Finance


  • Bank of Ireland Their Graduate Programme offers three 2 year programmes in IT, consumer banking and service, customer and innovation. The programmes combine work experience, mentorship, class study and professional qualifications that will equip you with the knowledge and expertise to fully realise your talent and potential. Programmes usually involve 3 eight month rotations. You will also get the chance to undertake the Diploma in Banking, Operations & Digital which is in conjunction with UCD and the Institute of Banking. 
  • Barclays Personal & Corporate Banking. They offer a range of programmes across different business areas. Each programme is c2 years in length. Some include rotational placements.
  • BNP Paribas.  They offer a number of graduate programmes within their corporate banking division. They require a strong degree in any subject although finance, maths, economics, engineering, business, science or computer science are the most relevent. 
  • HSBC They offer 2–year programmes within Operational Leadership and Retail Banking and Wealth Management. Practice tailored psychometric tests similar to the ones used by HSBC HERE
  • Lloyds Banking Group They offer Graduate Leadership Programmes within General Management, Corporate Markets, HR, Business Technology and Finance. Within Corporate Markets, two programmes are offered each 2-years in length; Corporate Banking and Wholesale Markets & Trading. The General Management programme includes four tailored placements across the group. Learn more about Lloyds Banking Group assessment process and online tests HERE
  • KBC Bank Their Ignite Graduate Programme in Ireland is an 18-month rotational programme. KBC offers both private and corporate banking. Successful candidates will have an honours degree or equivalent in business, commerce, finance, accountancy, economics or IT with a minimum grade of 2.1 or higher.
  • Nationwide. They offer 2 year structured training programmes that comprise three or four rotations into different roles. Programmes are within Specialist and Support Management or General Leadership.
  • RBS Corporate Banking This 2-year rotational programme is structured to give you insight into Corporate Banking. You will undertake four six-month placements in products, client relationship and enabling areas such as change or strategy. Practice tailored psychometric tests similar to the ones used by RBS HERE
  • RBS International Banking International Banking advises companies how to get the most out of their financial resources and manager risk. As an analyst in international banking you will have rotations in the following areas: capital and portfolio managment, corporate coverage and client managment, corporate advisory, global restructuring, transaction services origination & transaction services products. You need a strong blend of analytical and client facing skills. Practice tailored psychometric tests similar to the ones used by RBS HERE
  • RBS They have a whole range of other specilaist  programmes which include Business Services Leadership, Finance, Audit, HR, Operations, Technology, Risk, Communications and Marketing. 
  • Santander There is a range of programmes on offer within the bank including Banking Operations Support, Finance, Audit, Risk, Corporate Banking Operations, Global Banking and Markets, HR, Marketing, Retail Management and Telephone Distribution. 
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