• ABInBev. A leading global brewer. Internships offered in marketing, sales, supply or support. 8 weeks up to a year. 
  • Gavi Alliance (unpaid). summer internship in Geneva. Organises players in immunisation into a single decision making body. 
  • St Johns Ambulance. Your university first aid society offers you the chance to be part of a team of life savers, run by students for students.If you become a student volunteer, you’ll get training in skills from dealing with fractures and burns to learning how to look after someone who’s unconscious.You can give us as much time as you want.
  • Made By Shape. Creative and digital design studio – offers work placements throughout the year to design students. Based in Manchester
  • Met Office. There are a range of placement opportunities to suit different skills and interests. Science and Forecasting are two of those, but there are also have a variety of opportunities in other business areas such as Marketing, Finance, HR, Technology and Information Services and many more.
  • Raleigh ICS. Looking to gain new skills and work experience while at university? Have you ever thought about international volunteering? ICS gives you the chance to volunteer and work side-by-side with local volunteers in developing countries, to make a meaningful contribution to fighting poverty.
  • Teach First. They offer Teach First Taster Days - a unique one day opportunity to engage with Teach First and start developing the skills and attributes needed to progress to employment after university. Through a series of interactive workshops and self-reflection you will gain an increased understanding of your own skill set, understand how you can use your skills to have a profound impact on helping Teach First achieve their vision, and create your own bespoke development plan based on your skills and aspirations. This is an great opportunity to find out more about the charity, the two-year Leadership Development Programme and start developing employability skills.
  • Unicef. Fund raise for unicef whilst at university. Join the Unicef On Campus Society.   
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