School Leaver Programmes

What are School Leaver programmes?

These schemes, often called Higher Apprenticeships, are aimed at bright year 13 students with A levels or equivalent qualifications, who are intelligent enough to go to university but have decided instead to enter the world of work. Generally companies are looking for 240+ UCAS points.

There are many advantages to such programmes. They are:

  • You will have no student debt
  • You will start to earn a salary immediately
  • Most programmes involve studying for further professional qualifications or a degree. These are paid for by the employer
  • It is often easier to secure a role with a leading company as a school leaver than it is as a graduate, when competition is tougher.
  • Increasingly more and more companies are offering school leaver programmes as they find taking students on at this stage very attractive
  • You will often end up, after 3-4 years at a similar stage as a graduate would entering the organisation

There are now School Leaver programmes in all business sectors, from technical, commercial to creative. They are generally with FTSE 100 leading employers who offer great training programmes and pay good starting salaries.

University is not the only choice for bright students. Take a look at some of the programmes on offer.

Alternatively, there are also a number of sponsored degree programmes, where companies will sponsor you through your degree providing work placements during that time and generally a job on graduation.

Click here for preparation tips on online tests for school leaver programmes


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