How to write effective Personal Statements

Personal Statement

How to write effective Personal Statements Workshop

This course is aimed at students completing their UCAS form. The personal statement is very important and its critical that you get it right in order to maximise the impact of your university application and differentiate yourself from others. It could be the difference between securing the university place you want or getting rejected. So do not leave it to chance; come and get professional and individual help and advice.

The training course covers:

  • UCAS advice
  • Purpose and objective of the statement – what’s the point and what its trying to achieve
  • Structure of the statement
  • Content – what should be included
  • Language of the statement –how to make it read well
  • Examples of personal statements (by subject)
  • Help formulating your statement to suit you and your subject
  • Advice for joint degrees and different subjects

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