Advertise with The Student Ladder


Advertise with The Student Ladder

We list student and graduate schemes free of charge on the site meaning that we have become a one stop shop for students as all available opportunities are in one place. We attract students from 16 to 24 years old and are particularly popular with sixth formers and 1st and 2nd year undergraduates looking for work experience, apprenticeships and internships. This allows you the opportunity to reach out to young students early on in their education building an awareness and identity of your brand.

Our Stats

  • We are visited by c60, 000 unique students each month.
  • We have a database of c55, 000 registered students who we are able to email. An additional 2,000 register each month.
  • We provide c2000 click-throughs each day to employer websites.

 Why partner with The Student Ladder?

  • Large numbers of students coming to the site looking for employment, as its the only site that lists all available opportunities in one place
  • Particularly popular with sixth formers and 1st year undergraduates so you can have an impact and make an impression early
  • A dedicated sister site for higher and degree apprenticeships and school leaver programmes
  • Organised by career interest and year of study so you can closely target the right students
  • Large database of students who have specifically requested information on job opportunities


Marketing Opportunities

If you would like to be more proactive in terms of your marketing, we offer a number of possibilities, as follows:

The Bronze Package. This is the entry level that gives you a formal relationship with us and gives you access to our database of students. It ensures that your job listings are accurate and up to date and all links to your website connect correctly. In addition, it provides you with an identity and profile on the site. It basically starts to differentiate your from from others in your sector. The package includes:

  • Updated Scheme links: we check the links regularly, but with over 2500 opportunities on the site, they can easily get out of date or broken. If you change your web site or schemes, this allows you to update an account manager with the details immediately, ensuring they are always intact. 
  • Content enhancement: we will give you the opportunity to provide updated content on each of your schemes for your listings
  • Monthly activity report: we will provide a monthly report covering activity on the numbers of click-throughs to your website relating to each scheme
  • Database mailing: we have a student database of c55,000 and we will email them the dates of the opening and closing of your student and graduate schemes. In addition, we will provide the information over Facebook and Twitter  
  • Corporate Profile: we will host your 1 page corporate profile on the website which is dedicated to your company, including links to your site


The Silver Package. In addition to the benefits of the bronze elements above, this gives you the ability to promote your student and graduate recruitment schemes to our database of over 55,000 students and engage with a significant targeted student audience. The package  includes:

  • All aspects of the bronze package plus
  • Dedicated newsletter mailing to our database on your schemes. This is bespoke to your firm and your choice of content and imagery.


The Gold Package. This steps up your marketing programme by combining a further mailshot opportunity to our database with advertising on the website for a 3 month period. In addition, you can contribute a piece to the Insights section for your sector. This can be of a subject of your choosing, be bespoke to your company and include video. It needs to contain some sort of educational or informative content for a student audience. The package includes:

  • All aspects of the bronze and silver packages plus
  • Another dedicated newsletter mailing to our database
  • Contribution to the Insights section of the website - your choice of subject matter
  • Advertisement on the Student Ladder website for 3 months in 1 position- taking the large slot replacing the image at the top of each page.


The Platinum Package. Over time, we have seen that the higher-ranking employers in a list receive more click-throughs to their site than those lower down the list. We therefore charge for the top 3 or 4 positions, as they tend to receive significantly more click-throughs than others and therefore are of greater value. The Package, includes:

  • All aspects of the bronze, silver and gold packages plus
  • Top Ranking position in sector- One of the top 3 or 4 positions on the site in your sector across all the year groups


E-mail our Users

The Student Ladder started asking students to voluntarily register in January 2015. We now have c55,000 registered users, who have provided their year of study and their career interest. Users register at a rate of c2000 per month, so our database is growing quickly. We regularly send a newsletter and are able to bespoke them with relevant content on a particular job opportunity on behalf of your company and send to a particular audience. You can provide the content and imagery and we will construct the newsletter. The newsletter is tracked so we can provide you with detailed analytics on open rates and click through rates.


Advert size & Formats

The adverts on the student ladder are large in order to make an immediate impression on the student population. The advert will replace the large image at the top of each page, so is prominent and well targeted. We require adverts in any of the following file type formats:

  •  .jpg
  • .png
  • .gif + animated .gif

Available Adverts include:

  • The large rectangle slot on the home page is 648px x 250px in size and can be fully animated. You can rotate other adverts if you wish.
  • The square slots on the home page are 300px x 250px in size and can be fully animated. You can rotate other adverts if you wish.
  • The large rectangle slots on the other pages throughout the site. The advert size is 646px wide x 230px high or 980px x 350px and are fully animated. You can rotate other adverts if you wish.


Targeting your advertising

Listed below are the areas that The Student Ladder have pages dedicated to by year of study, so you can assess which best fits your own profile and which student population you are looking to reach.


There is a large section on careers and pages dedicated to each particular job. So for example the section on Insurance, has separate pages for insurance broker and insurance underwriter. For the various options within careers , click here:

Contact us

If you would like to discuss marketing opportunities in more detail or request a media pack either e-mail Karen Young at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07786 381559.

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