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Building Surveyors

Building surveyors offer professional advice on all factors affecting existing buildings such as building defects, alterations, renovations and extensions. They work mostly on site to monitor the performance of structures and devise ways to improve them or correct flaws in their design.

Surveyors work along side local planning bodies, clients, construction workers, and other professionals to ensure projects meet the relevant safety, sustainability and preservation standards.

Building owners generally are not familiar with the various ins and outs of the planning process - this is where the building surveyor comes in. Responsible for ensuring that the building design complies with the relevant Acts and Regulations, there is a requirement to be able to both investigate and analyse all aspects of a buildings design and development - a sort of 'Jack of all trades'. Integral to the work of the building surveyor, is the responsibility of ensuring that building control regulations are adhered to in the planning stages of both new developments and conversions.

Building surveyors work in many areas of property and construction so the work is diverse and rarely routine. Tasks often involve:

  • Advising clients on schemes and projects
  • Preparing scheme designs & programmes with costing’s
  • Preparing documents for tender
  • Determining the condition of existing buildings, identifying and analysing defects, including proposals for repair
  • Advising on energy efficiency, environmental impact and sustainable construction
  • Advising on the preservation/conservation of historic buildings
  • Advising on the management and supervision of maintenance of buildings
  • Dealing with & advising on planning applications
  • Assessing and designing buildings for people with disabilities
  • Advising on construction design and management regulations
  • Negotiating dilapidations
  • Carrying out feasibility studies
  • Advising on the health and safety aspects of buildings
  • Advising on boundary and rights of light disputes and party wall procedures
  • Preparing insurance assessments and claims




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