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Civil Service Fast Stream

The Civil Service Fast Stream is a development programme for graduates with the potential to become the future leaders of the Civil Service.  It is consistently ranked in the top ten "Times Top 100 Graduate Employers". It allows graduates to gain a wide range of experience in a very short time, within operational, policy and corporate services roles.

There are a large number of Fast Stream schemes, namely;

  • The Commercial & Finance Faststream. This includes:
    • Finance
    • Internal Audit
    • Commercial
  • The Analytical Fast Stream offers graduate opportunities for economists, statisticians, social researchers and operational researchers. This comprises:
    • Government Economic Servce
    • Government Operational Research
    • Social Research
    • Statistical Service
  • The HR Fast Stream is for graduates with a proven interest in all areas of the HR profession
  • The Generalist Faststream. Tis includes:
    • Central Departments
    • Diplomatic Service
    • Houses of Parliament
    • Science & Engineering
  • The Digital & Technology Fast Stream is for graduates who understand and have a strong interest in technology and its application
  • The Government Communication Service Faststream.
  • The European Fast Stream is for graduates seeking a permanent career in the EU institutions in Brussels
  • The Northern Ireland Fast Stream is for graduates wishing to make a career in the Northern Ireland Civil Service.


Generalist Fast Stream

This is subdivided into four options, namely:

  • Central Departments - these encompass every major government department except the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The range of work is vast: health, the environment, education, transport, the economy, justice, industry, agriculture, defence, welfare, taxation, overseas development and much more.
  • Diplomatic Service – offers the opportunity to promote UK interests around the globe. The first two years will be spent in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Then you go abroad for years 3 and 4, working in 200+ embassies.
  • House of Parliament
  • Science and Engineering - open to people with degrees in science, engineering, mathematics, computing or other numerate disciplines. This programme is not about operating as a bench scientist or a technical engineer: it is about applying your skills and knowledge to the development and operational application of policies.

Analytical Fast Stream

The Analytical Fast Stream is aimed specifically at people who want a career as one of the following:

  • An economist in the Government Economic Service
  • A statistician in the Government Statistics Service
  • A social researcher in the Government Social research service
  • An Operational researcher in the Government Operational research service

HR Fast Stream

The HR Fast Stream is a three-year programme, which offers you the opportunity to train as an HR professional and prepares you for a range of senior HR roles.

It consists of two 18-month placements in different HR roles, usually in different government departments. This could involve you in anything from developing new employee policies to acting as an HR Business Partner implementing workforce management strategies.

Digital & Technology Fast Stream

Government use of technology has an impact on millions of people each day across every part of society. Including Policing, Prisons, International aid, Education and Social welfare.

European Fast Stream

The European Fast Stream is designed for people whose ultimate ambition is to work permanently for one of the EU institutions (such as the European Commission or European Parliament) and become a European civil servant. It works by giving you experience and training that will boost your chances of passing the EU’s demanding recruitment competition, known as the concours.

As a European Fast Streamer, and afterwards as a European civil servant, you could influence policy on an EU-wide scale, for example by working to tackle climate change or combat terrorism. You might be personally involved in the EU’s programme of aid to developing countries or in formulating policy on sustainable energy or integrated transport.

You will be based in a major UK government department with significant EU-related responsibilities. There you will benefit from EU-related postings and will also have the chance to work in the European Commission for five months on an internship. Your training will include intensive coaching in French or German, as you will take much of the concours in one of those languages.

Northern Ireland Fast Stream

The work of the Northern Ireland Civil Service impacts on every aspect of life in Northern Ireland. The Service supports the Northern Ireland Executive to serve the people of Northern Ireland by delivering the priority commitments set out in its Programme for Government and Economic and Investment strategies.



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