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GCHQ: Careers

Who is GCHQ?

The Government Communications Headquarters is one of the UK's intelligence and security agencies, they gather and analyse digital and electronic signals from many channels, from all corners of the world. Converting this information into intelligence material, they play a significant role in informing national security, military operations, police activity and foreign policy. Their customers include government organisations such as the Ministry of Defence and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, as well as law enforcement agencies.


Cyber attacks, terrorism, computer hacking, internet fraud, drug smuggling, organised crime, weapon and arms smuggling, money laundering and military action. The threats we face as a nation are many and varied. Of all the challenges, cyber threats are the fastest growing. Tasked with being the Government's expert in cyber security, GCHQ is growing their expertise to help ensure that the UK can live and work online with confidence.

GCHQ offer a range of uniquely challenging opportunities. You'll have the opportunity to work with - and develop - the very latest technology and technological solutions. Primarily offering 'direct entry' routes for graduates, some of their roles require a specific or specialist degree, whilst others are wide open.

Career options requiring a specialist degree include:

  • Cyber Security
  • Information Assurance
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Research
  • Maths
  • Information Specialist (Librarians)
  • Language Analysts

Non-degree specific careers include:

  • GCHQ leadership Development Programme
  • Language Analysts
  • Corporate Support




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