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Secret Intelligence Service MI6

The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), often known as MI6, collects Britain's foreign intelligence. SIS collects secret intelligence and mounts covert operations overseas in support of British Government objectives. These are:

  • In the interests of national security, with particular reference to the government's defence and foreign policies;
  • in the interests of the economic well-being of the UK; and
  • in support of the prevention or detection of serious crime.

Joining SIS as a graduate will give you the chance to develop a varied career at the very heart of international affairs. You could be collecting intelligence overseas, translating it, creating the secure communications networks to send it around the globe or presenting it to other Government departments.

As well as corporate roles, specialist roles within SIS MI6 include:

  • Intelligence Officers: As an Intelligence Officer your main focus will be on gathering, delivering and utilising intelligence. Whether you're reporting to Government departments, or developing strong ties with agents overseas, you'll be be at the forefront of protecting the security and prosperity of the UK.
  • Technology: This is the team that safeguards the security and effectiveness of the UKs international communications network and intelligence gathering system, operating in nearly every country in the world; it ensures all intelligence that is stored in a way that both optimises its usefulness and guarantees its security, as well as making sure MI6 people have the technology they need to perform at the highest level. There are a range of roles including application process, application support, network engineers, software developers and information specialists.
  • Language Specialists: they are often looking for Mandarin, Arabic and European languages. As an agency collecting intelligence from all over the world in many different languages and dialects, talented linguists are critical. Working primarily from London, language specialists translate raw material from both written and spoken sources.



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