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Technology is covered separately within the banking industry, as it is not your average IT environment. The level and complexity of the technologies involved is as advanced and cutting edge as any industry out there. Most big banks outsource their day-to-day IT support – so you won’t be asking people to reboot their computers! The demands made upon the Technology team are unique to the business and require a great deal of flexibility and creative thinking. Banks are highly specialized environments. They rely heavily on top-end technology as a key competitive tool.

Technology is essential to even the most basic execution and processing of trades – which are core to the daily functioning of the bank. And only the most innovative Technology division will help to keep the bank ahead of the competition. Real technological innovation can be worth billions.

There are a number of roles within technology, which include:

  • Business Analyst: examines the requirements for the development of future systems
  • Project Manager: oversees projects in all levels of the business, consulting and monitoring the running of existing systems (normally supported by project coordinators)
  • Application Developer: designs new applications and programming code
  • Production Manager: manages system stability and deploys new applications
  • Service Manager/Vendor Manager: manages the relationship between the business and service providers
  • Functional Analyst: identifies and addresses obstacles in advance
  • Technical Specialist: develops technical specifications to address business requirements
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