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The world is a very different place to the one we were living in only a matter of weeks ago. We know a lot of students are concerned about what happens next in relation to finding internships and graduate roles.

Employers have reacted differently.  These range from suspending recruitment activity to actively recruiting. Most universities have cancelled their career fairs and open days.

We would expect to see some changes in the application process. Interviews, assessment centres and other face to face activities have either been suspended or are being moved to virtual environments so don’t be surprised if your interview is in the form of a zoom or skype style interview.

Most of the larger employers especially in technology firms have been using remote working for years, so are very well placed to continue working and employing.

Stream lining the recruitment process and having less stages has been a major move for some of the big organisations who have opted to have 1 to 1 interviews rather than lots of assessment stages (however this is very dependent on the company).

What will happen next?

With so much uncertainty, around how long the Coronavirus will last, employers will be looking to establish a ‘business as usual’ feel as quickly as possible. This means they will likely resume activities once they have the systems in place to effectively handle the full application process.

Some sectors will be much harder hit than others. Travel and hospitality for example.

Summer placements are very much still in the balance. We fully expect some to go ahead, but some may get cancelled.

What can you do as a student?

Firstly we would say that for the time being there is so much that is beyond your control that we would advise not to panic.

Use this time to think creatively about the companies and sectors to work within and try to expand your areas of search as much as you can. Research other sectors as there are some really exciting jobs out there.

Start working on your online interview techniques. Virtual interviews require a slightly different approach than a face to face, but remember that some rules remain the same (such as your personal appearance). Sign up for tips on how to perfect your virtual interviewing techniques.

Lastly please do keep applying for roles. Normality will resume and when it does if you have made applications you will be ahead of the curve. For summer placements, it would be worth investing a little more time to apply to a few extra and give yourself the best chance.


Remember to stay optimistic and stay safe!

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