Credit SuisseCredit Suisse is a global banking group. They offer a programme for A ‘level students called Steps to Success.

The Steps to Success Scholarship Programme is a three-year programme for outstanding A-Level students in the UK who are from an underprivileged or underrepresented background.

It consists of two, 4-week summer internships which will take place after year 13 and your first year at university.  If selected, you will have the opportunity to explore different businesses at Credit Suisse, including Investment Banking, Equities, Fixed Income, Information Technology, Operations and Finance. You’ll also receive scholarship funding for your tuition fees every year for the duration of your degree.   And, depending on your performance, you may also have an opportunity to participate in their 10-week summer internship program.

Eligibility Requirements:

Students are selected based on their academic excellence, leadership abilities and interest in the financial services industry.  You must have applied through UCAS for a place at university during the application process.

Specifically, you should:

  • Demonstrate leadership and teamwork skills
  • Have an AAA grade prediction (this will need to be verified by your Head teacher or Head of sixth form)
  • Have a record of high achievement outside of academia
  • Show an interest in the financial services industry

Your application must include a Curriculum vitae and a cover letter.


HSBC, through M&S Bank offer a range of  1 week work experience opportunities. These are based in Camberley, Chester, Shoreham, Bromley and Edinburgh

The Edinburgh, Bromley, Shoreham and Camberley opportunities are in retail banking and wealth managment

The Chester opportunity is in a range of areas within the M&S retail bank

You will be placed in a local branch, and will gain an oversight of a range of services provided for M&S banking customers: loans, mortgages, investments, credit cards and more. Throughout your placement, you will be able to learn about how colleagues deal with customer relationship management.


SANTANDERSantander offer 2 types of work experience:

  • 2 week placements throughout April, July and October ( they generally recruit between January and May) and
  • 6 week placement during July and August - this is paid and they generally recruit bweteen March and May





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