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Preparing for Psychometric Testing Featured

Preparing for the psychometric testing from specific Assessment Companies – SHL, Kenexa, Talent Q, Saville and Cubiks.

At the start of your graduate career, you will often come across company names like SHL or Kenexa without really understanding their importance.

In today's modern workplace, chances are that you're already aware of the many psychometric assessments you are likely to face when applying for a Graduate job. This can include batteries of online aptitude tests in Numerical, Verbal and Inductive Reasoning tests as well as many different personality questionnaires to name just a few. What many students don't take into consideration though, is that employers will use one of several different assessment companies for their recruitment process. Each one of these companies have their own variations of aptitude tests and systems.

Why knowledge about assessment companies matter.

The assessment company is a vital factor that you need to take into consideration when preparing for aptitude testing. A Numerical Reasoning test from a company like SHL will look very different from a Numerical Reasoning test from Saville Consulting. As such when you're preparing to take the online assessment examinations, it is essential that you prepare for the correct aptitude tests you will be facing.

How to Prepare for these different test types.

The only way to prepare properly is through the use of practise tests. Studies show that candidates who have practised with the relevant tests before sitting aptitude assessments have a significantly higher chance of getting the job as this is a reflection of their aptitude test results.You can get hold of the precise practice test you will need at JobTestPrep.

Below are the major Assessments Companies you need to be aware of while applying for jobs.


One of the most widely used companies is SHL. If you're applying for a job in most parts of the world there is a good chance your employer uses SHL tests, particularly so in the UK.SHL has a wide range of psychometric test packages tailored for specific positions and levels, and they come in a large variety of test batteries. These tests can include the SHL Management and Graduate Item Bank (MGIB), the SHL Critical Reasoning Test Battery (CRTB), the SHL Information Technology Test Series (ITTS), the SHL Applied Technology Series (ATS) and the SHL Personnel Test Battery (PTB) to name but a few. All of these tests are made up of specific numerical, verbal and other cognitive ability test questions.

In addition SHL also has a series of tests known as "Verify" tests. These are shorter, more concise versions of their more comprehensive batteries. The Verify tests are usually administered online and can be used both at early stages of recruitment to sift through initial candidates or during later stages in order to verify the results of previously taken tests.

The type of Verify tests SHL uses are Verbal, Numerical, Inductive, Checking and Calculation.

Here are some of the companies that use SHL's test services: Marks & Spencer, Target, Microsoft, Sprint, General Mills,Time Warner Cable, UnitedHealth Group, Xerox Corporation, Vodafone, Danone, and Barclays.

Get hold of SHL specific practice tests here.


Kenexa is also a major talent measurement company. Their reach is global and they are used by top companies throughout the US, the UK, Europe and Asia. Kenexa is owned by IBM.
Kenexa also offers employers several different groups of assessments to choose from, these include
Kenexa's Infinity Series, The Prove It Series and the The Kenexa Logical Reasoning Test.
Kenexa's Infinity Series is made up of Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning tests and are usually administered online. The Infinity Series tests are based on a bank of almost 200 different questions from which about 20 questions are chosen at random for each test.

The Prove It Series is more varied and flexible than many aptitude tests. They put more emphasis on the personality traits and characteristics needed for specific job positions. These tests are taken through a web based portal of thousands of different tests based on professions, so someone applying for a secretarial job can expect to go through a typing test for example.

The Kenexa Logical Reasoning Test is made up of questions that present you with different series of shapes and images. The images will change in a sequence following certain logical rules. You will need to choose from several possible images which one best completes the pattern.
Here are some of the companies that use Kenexa's test services: Nomura, Deutsche Bank, and Balfour Beatty.

Get hold of Kenexa specific practice tests here.

Talent Q

Though relatively new (founded in 2005) Talent Q has already taken a leading role in psychometric testing worldwide.They group their assessment tests into 4 types. Elements, Dimensions, Aspects and Judgments.
Elements make up the standard aptitude test including Numerical, Verbal and Logical Reasoning tests.

Dimensions are geared towards personality trait assessments. It includes tests that assess emotional makeup and relationship skills.

Aspects combines the use of both personality questionnaires together with aptitude tests such as Numerical and Verbal and Checking Reasoning tests.

Judgements these tests are similar to the Situational Judgment tests offered by other companies, they present candidates with particular work related scenarios and ask them to grade certain possible actions from best to worst.

Here are some of the companies that use Talent Q's test services: Carlsberg, Volkswagen, BT, Royal Mail and Citi.

Get hold of Talent Q specific practice tests here.


Saville Consulting is another top source of assessment tests for companies around the world.
They have two main types of test products, The Saville Single Aptitude tests and The Saville Swift Aptitude Tests. The Single Aptitude tests are longer and more comprehensive taking more than half an hour to complete. The Swift Aptitude Tests are shorter more concise versions of their tests taking less than half an hour to complete.

These test batteries are tailored based on positions being applied to. There are four main groups of positions that Saville tailors for employers. These are Executive aptitudes, Analysis aptitudes, Comprehension aptitudes and Work aptitudes. Executive and Analysis aptitudes tests are aimed at managers, directors and professionals. Comprehension aptitudes are directed at customer, administrative, and commercial staff. Work aptitudes are directed at graduates, technicians and team leaders.
These tests can include Numerical, Verbal, Diagrammatic, Abstract and Mechanical Reasoning test types.

Here are some of the companies that use Saville's test services: Ernst and Young, Jaguar, Vodafone, Land Rover, Siemens, BP and Nestle.

Get hold of Saville specific practice tests here.


Another of the major suppliers of psychometric tests for employers is Cubiks.
The Cubiks Ability tests are made up of two groups of test batteries: The Cubiks Reasoning Tests for Business and The Cubiks Problem Solving Tests.

The Cubiks Reasoning Tests for Business, as the name implies, are geared towards higher positions in the business world. This series includes a Numerical Reasoning test, a Verbal Reasoning test and a Diagrammatic Reasoning test. Each of these tests has various levels of difficulty depending on the position being applied for.

The Cubiks Problem Solving Tests are used for a more diverse range of non-managerial positions from Engineering to Secretarial jobs. They include a Numerical and Verbal Reasoning test.
Other tests made by Cubiks include: The Cubiks Situational Judgement Test (SJQ), The Cubiks E-Tray Assessment, The Cubiks Team Role Questionnaire and The Personality and Preference InventoryCubiks Test (PAPI).

Here are some of the companies that use Cubik's test services: KPMG, PwC, Arcadis, Corporate Solutions, Skoda, DHL.

Get hold of Cubiks specific practice tests here.

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