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Interested in Sales & Marketing?

Are you interested in a career in sales and marketing?

These are two very different functions, however, often get combined under a particular programme. You will find sales and marketing placements in many industries and therefore across the Student Ladder website. Your first port of call should be the retail section. Most of these companies will be offering commercial roles and programmes. You will find the greatest granularity in this section, where schemes on offer could include sales, marketing, PR, or merchandising.

If you are more interested in the advertising and branding side, as well as media in general, then take a look at roles in the media section.

Also do not ignore the companies in the retail banking, engineering, technology, science, pharmaceutical and motoring sections, as these all offer sales and marketing roles. You need to decide whether you would prefer to work in a Business to Business environment (BTB) or Business to Consumer (BTC). You will find that generally, sales are more important in the former and marketing in the later. Recruitment consultants are generally a sales role. Broadly speaking most sales and marketing placements and jobs do not specify a particular degree subject. Have a look for all graduate roles here:

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