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Many students and graduates benefit from having professional advice to help develop their career plans, provide industry insight and increase their chances of breaking into their chosen industry.  The Student ladder has linked up with Steer Up to provide you wih a mentor to provide that advice and support. 

A mentor can provide you with:

  • Careers advice
  • Start-up business coaching
  • Specific industry insight
  • Personal and professional development plans

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is simply an experienced and trusted adviser. They share information about their own experience as well as provide support, guidance, motivation and inspiration. They help you to explore your path, set goals and identify resources.

Having a mentor helps to build employability skills, encourages positive change and provides council along your journey. Your mentor will be someone who has more experience, so they’ll be able to provide guidance and share the lessons they learned along their way. This means that you’ll be able to use their experience as a stepping stone giving you a great head start. A mentor can help shorten your learning curve, open your mind to new ideas and possibilities, identify opportunities and advise on how to promote yourself.

It’s evident that the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted students confidence and prospects for the immediate future. The market for graduate jobs has slowed significantly since the onset of the crisis, with employers placing applications on hold or withdrawing them altogether.

In these challenging times, you may therefore want to consider having a mentor that could  provide you with help to understand what opportunities are available, and how best to approach them.


Break into the industry with an experienced mentor.

Speaking to a mentor is a great way to find out what the industry is like, and can help you decide what you want to focus on. The mentor’s come with tons of knowledge about their profession. They’ll give you an industry insight and share their first hand experience. Find out how they climbed the career ladder and together you’ll create your pathway to success. Your mentor will empower you to explore possible careers, set goals and identify resources to help you progress. They’ll be on hand to help you overcome any obstacles that may arise.


About Steer Up:

Steer Up is an online agency that connects mentors with mentees. They make it simple for mentees to seek advice and expertise from mentors who have a great deal of experience in their field. Including the support you receive from your mentor, Steer Up are on hand to ensure your sessions are as effective as possible. They take care of organising your sessions, payments and logistics and provide preparation material and tools to help you develop so that you can steer your career in the right direction.

They offer a diverse group of mentors from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds, who focus on different transition points in a person’s life such as school leavers or recent graduates. There is also a range of prices from £15 - £40 per hour to suit any budget.  Meetings can take place on the phone, online or face to face.

What you receive:

  • A dedicated mentor
  • Session preparation material
  • Personal and professional development tools
  • Check-ins and reminders so you’re always on track
  • Support from the Steer Up team

Are you ready to start your journey to success? If so, sign up today to find out how you connect with your ideal mentor.


Steer Up Testimonials:

“Passionate! My mentor’s energy never faded throughout the whole time (we spoke 20mins longer than expected). Great listener, he always had a question to help build my understanding or thinking after every small convo. He was in depth, he did not skip over any point, I didn’t feel rushed for time or like we were on the clock. Came across very experienced!”

“My mentor was so lovely to me. I like her style of mentoring! Prior to my meeting I wanted to cancel because I was afraid to be vulnerable and share myself and my experiences with an absolute stranger. She was very attentive and I was comfortable to share things with her, that could help her to help me. I’m inspired and I believe that I can change my life and grow into myself and I would love to communicate more with her on my journey.”

“Loved her energy and style. Great listener and was very open to advance in the way I'm looking for. Very kind and approachable!”

 “Steer up has been a pleasure to deal with. A lot of things are pushed in your face nowadays but they presented an option and allowed time for me to make my own decision. The communication has been on time and professional and the organisation has been on point. 5 stars!”

“Steering up is what we all need to do. I love what they are able to provide for people like me. Communication is excellent and I was made to feel comfortable at each point so far!

“All around great! I appreciate the reminders and check ins and the mentee guide was great in helping to prepare.”


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