Student Ladder Training e-booklets

Student Ladder Training provides a range of e-booklets to help you secure your university course or job role.

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How to write a CV and covering letter - £ 4.99

This 18 page booklet covers the do’s and don’ts of CVs and covering letters, to ensure yours represents you well and secures you an interview.

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Making your Personal Statement stand out - £ 4.99

This covers what you should include in personal statements, how it should be structured, things to avoid and how to make it stand out from the crowd.

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How to excel in Interviews - £ 4.99

It is important that you learn how to perform well in an interview. It is more a science than an art and one that you can perfect with knowledge and practice.

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How to perform well in Assessment Centres - £ 4.99

If you have reached an assessment centre, you are down to the last stages of the interview process and probably have a 1 in 3 chance of success.

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Delivering Compelling Presentations - £ 3.99

Every person can learn how to present well. This booklet will look at how to deliver a professional and winning presentation to an audience.

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