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Film & TV

There are literally hundreds of entertainment career choices and you should know what you are interested in before you start looking. Here are some of them broken down by type:

Technical Creative

  • Camera – roles include cameraman, director of photography, 1st  /2nd assistant cameraman, camera operator/assist ant etc
  • Lighting –responsible for creating the mood, atmosphere and effects on set.
  • Music – creates the right mood for the audience, be it happy, sacred etc. Roles include composer, song writer, music arranger etc
  • Production Sound – they capture the voices of the actors and make sure all the equipment works properly. Roles include sound mixer, boom operator, music editor etc
  • Construction – provides the look of a film by building sets and new structures. Works closely with the Art dept. Roles include construction manager, sculptor, carpenter, scenic artist etc
  • Editing and Post Production – responsible for assembling the raw material into the finished film. There are a number of job roles (editor, assistant editor, second assistant manager etc). They employ editors and assistant editors.
  • Sound- Post Production – responsible for constructing the sonic identity of the film. For example creating the noises of giant explosions, or car crashes and adding more subtle sounds.
  • Title designers – design the opening titles for films as well as the captions that appear in the film giving details of time, place etc. and the end credits.


  • Art Department – creates the visual world or setting for a film. They construct appropriate backdrops. Roles include art director, production designer, production assistant set director, storyboard, artist, etc
  • Costume Department – responsible for anything the actors may wear. In addition, the manufacture, purchase, hire and fitting of the costumes.
  • Hair & Make up – responsible for the design, application, continuity of hair and make up for the actors and actresses during the production.
  • Props Dept –responsible for how all the props are created and where they are placed. Roles include prop master, prop dresser, dressing props etc
  • Performing – actors work with directors to create the characters. Jobs include actor, agent, choreographer etc
  • The Script Department - the screenplay provides a written blueprint for the entire film. There are both screenwriters and television writers. Roles include scriptwriters, script editors and script readers.

 Management & Organisational

  • Casting – responsible for selecting the actors who will play the roles in a film or TV show. Roles include the director, assistant etc
  • Location Dept - responsible for selecting a suitable location, calculating the costs and negotiating the deal for the location of a movie or television show. They manage all aspects of shooting on set. Roles include location manager, unit manager etc
  • Direction – they have overall decision on everything and create the style of the film. Roles include Director, 1st /2nd Assistant Director, Floor runner etc
  • Production Office – control many groups of people and bring them together so that they can make the film or programme. Roles include producer, assistant producer, runner etc.
  • Distribution & Publicity – launching and sustaining films in the marketplace. Displays films in towns via posters etc Roles include distributors, publicists etc
  • Exhibition Dept – the final part of the film production bringing the finished product to the audience. Roles include programmer, projectionist etc
  • Film Transport –moves all the equipment and crew to every location
  • Accounts – the accountants responsible for the financing of the film and its profitability
  • Health & Safety – ensures the film crew are safe
  • Catering – ensures everyone is fed on set!




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