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Graduate Scheme

The firms in this sector are technical in nature and offer software development opportunities, as well as technical consultancy, operations, IT, cyber security, system management, quality assurance, project management, networks and R&D. In addition, they will also recruit for central functions such as finance, HR, sales and marketing etc.

Be aware that many technology firms require you to complete online tests. You have to pass these before they even look at your application. Its therefore critical that you practice before hand. You will greatly increase your chances of success.

Need Help With Online Assessments?

Practice tests bespoke to technology roles so to know what to expect. 

Available Opportunities

  • Syngenta Graduate Scheme

    Cambridge, Berkshire, Grangemouth, Guildford & Huddersfield
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Syngenta. They specialise in bring plant potential to life to address the worlds food crisis. They offer 5 graduate programmes in finance, supply chain, information systems, HR and an MBA programme.

  • IBM Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • IBM. Their Graduate Scheme offer roles in Engineering (software development, Consultancy or Business (Business Specialist). As a software developer you’ll initially be allocated to one particular product development team but during your first two years you’ll have the opportunity to work on a range of products and, consequently there will be opportunities to travel and […]

  • Rio Tinto Graduate Scheme

    Rio Tinto
    London & Bristol
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Rio Tinto. With mining, processing and exploration operations in more than 40 countries on five continents, Rio Tinto offers a wide range of working environments and lifestyles. From working at a remote mine site in the Namib Desert, the mountains of Peru, icebound northern Canada, Mongolia or the tropical Kimberley Region of Western Australia or being […]

  • Standard Bank Graduate Scheme

    Standard Bank
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Standard Bank. They offer a range of programmes. Their corporate and Investment Banking programme is 12-18 months in length. They also offer global markets programmes, risk, IT, client coverage, finance and transaction product programmes.

  • Merchant Navy Graduate Scheme

    Merchant Navy
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Merchant Navy: The Ship Safe Training Group has for over 30 years provided an entry route for officer trainees wanting to develop careers at sea with the Merchant Navy. SSTG provides a recruitment and training service for shipping companies operating a wide range of sophisticated vessels and provides support to the officer trainees whilst at college and […]

  • ARUP Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • ARUP. They regularly offer graduate opportunities across all of their areas of expertise. Their core functions include building design, economics & planning, infrastructure design, management consulting and specialist technical services. They look for graduates, not only in engineering but also in a wide range of planning, management and consulting roles. As part of your development […]

  • Nokia Networks Graduate Scheme

    Nokia Networks
    London & Reading
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Nokia Networks. Apply for their International Graduate Trainee Programme in Finance or IT or Global Operations. All are 2 years schemes.

  • Deutsche Bank Global Technology Division Graduate Scheme

    Deutsche Bank
    Birmingham, Bournemouth & London
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Deutsche Bank Global Technology Division. You’ll be offered the opportunity to rotate across the varied Global Technology divisions and experience different roles and aspects of our business. Some of our graduates work in technical areas, such as programming. Others take a broader business view and work with customers to apply technology to their organisations and […]

  • Bosch Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Bosch: Their Graduate Specialist Programme involves four to six assignments in the functional area of your choice, within a period of 24 months, probably rotating to different Bosch sites in the UK. Positions normally are available within Controlling, Engineering, Purchasing, R&D, Sales & Marketing and Technical Sales, but this may vary.

  • ARCADIS Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • ARCADIS. As a graduate consultant, you’ll join other graduates and senior employees on new and existing projects for a range of clients across the UK and abroad. A wide range of site and office based experience will underpin your career development. They are interested in you if you are reading; biology, chemistry, computer science, ecology, […]

  • Tesco Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Tesco:  They offer 21 graduate programmes within Business Operations, Retail Operations or Commercial Operations as well as opportunities in Europe and Asia. For the later, you need to contact the country offices directly. Business Operations includes programmes within customer analysis, marketing, human resources, finance, supply chain, property, technology and digital retailing. Retail operations include programmes […]

  • Lockheed Martin Graduate Scheme

    Lockheed Martin
    Farnborough & Portsmouth
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Lockheed Martin. They are a leader in systems integration, working on major programmes spanning the aerospace, defence and civil sectors. Their graduate roles comprise of systems engineers, software engineers, mechanical engineers, accountants, and other professional business opportunities. These positions provide you with a structured two year development programme where you will have the opportunity to […]

  • Pepsico Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Pepsico: Their core brands are Walkers, Quaker, Tropicana and Pepsi. Their business also includes a range of other products, including Snack a Jacks, SunBites and Naked Juice. They offer a range of student placements in marketing, Business and Information Services, Finance, R&D and Procurement.

  • Alstom Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Alstom: Over the two-year programme, you undertake a selection of 3-6 month placements one of which will be overseas. Alstom operates out of more than 30 locations across the country and employs over 6,500 people within its Transport, Power and Grid Sectors, helping to develop the UK’s power, transmission and transport infrastructure. Their preference is […]

  • HMGCC Graduate Scheme

    Milton Keynes
    • Graduate Scheme
    • HMGCC: They do not offer a graduate scheme but recruit gradates into software engineering, systems engineering, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, corporate ICT as well as other areas.

  • Axa Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Axa: They have three graduate programmes; Future Leaders, Actuarial and IT (which is 2 years in length). The Future Leaders Programme allows you to spend time in different divisions. Practice AXA online tests HERE.

  • KBC Bank Graduate Scheme

    KBC Bank
    • Graduate Scheme
    • KBC Bank. Their Ignite Graduate Programme in Ireland is an 18-month rotational programme. KBC offers both private and corporate banking. Successful candidates will have an honours degree or equivalent in business, commerce, finance, accountancy, economics or IT with a minimum grade of 2.1 or higher.

  • Baillie Gifford Graduate Scheme

    Baillie Gifford
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Baillie Gifford: They offer three graduate schemes in either Investment Management, Investment Operations or Information Systems (Infrastructure and Applications). Their Investment Management Programme is 3 years in length and they welcome applications from students with degrees in any subject. Baille Gifford are based in Edinburgh.

  • Volvo Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Volvo. They offer a number of Graduate schemes in engineering, IT, operations and an international programme.

  • Dell Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Dell. They run a Graduate Development Program (Operations and Client Solutions) globally.

  • TUI Travel Graduate Scheme

    TUI Travel
    • Graduate Scheme
    • TUI Travel: The UK Graduate Leadership programme lasts for 12-18 months and includes assignments in key business areas of TUI UK & Ireland such as Airline, Distribution and Customer, Commercial and Overseas.  The assignments offer a mix of day-to-day business experience and project work in a variety of different functions. You will also have the opportunity […]

  • John Lewis Graduate Scheme

    John Lewis
    • Graduate Scheme
    • John Lewis: Currently are reviewing their graduate schemes for 2019. They usually offer graduates schemes in the following areas that include buying, merchandising, technology, finance, retail management and leadership. Most schemes are based in the head office in London. Learn more about John Lewis assessment process and online tests HERE.

  • Capital One Graduate Scheme

    Capital One
    Nottingham & London
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Capital One: One of the largest financial services companies in the world based in Nottingham. They offer a number of graduates schemes in business analytics & marketing, product, operations, technology, risk and finance.  Being a Business Analyst means you draw insights from their Information Based Strategy system, to find gaps in the market to create new […]

  • INEOS Graduate Scheme

    Lyndhurst, Northwich, Hull & Weston Point
    • Graduate Scheme
    • INEOS: A global chemical company manufacturing products that are the basis for most modern technology. They are a global producer of petrochemicals and specialty chemicals, with sales of $42bn and 15,000 employees worldwide. They are interested in engineering and science graduates for both technical and commercial roles. They have opportunities for mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineers as […]

  • ING Bank Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • ING Bank: The ING International Talent programme is a 3-year rotational programme, where you rotate between assignments, jobs and possibly locations. Most international projects take place in one of the IITP countries; Belgium, China, The Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, Luxemburg, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Turkey and the UK. They are interested in […]

  • BMT Defence Services Graduate Scheme

    BMT Defence Services
    Bath, Fareham & Weymouth
    • Graduate Scheme
    • BMT Defence Services. BMT Defence Services offers whole ship design and technical support for submarines, warships and auxiliary vessels within UK and international defence. They have supported many major UK and international naval and land platform programmes and are at the cutting edge of technology and science. They are based in Bath, Fareham and Weymouth. […]

  • o2 Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • o2. They offer a two-year graduate programme designed to take bright, creative, tech-literate students and shape them into business leaders and a finance graduate scheme, which is 3 years where you will complete the 3 year CIMA qualification. There are opportunities to specialise in a wide variety of areas – everything from Strategy to Operations, […]

  • Capula Graduate Scheme

    Aberdeen, Cumbria, Thames Valley, Stone & Gloucester
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Capula. They are interested in software and hardware graduates and are particularly keen on graduates who have some experience, often gained through an ‘Industrial Placement’. Typically, you require a degree in Computer Science/Studies, Control/ Automation/Instrumentation Systems, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, or other technical or numerate degrees that includes a significant amount of coding/programming or hardware design. They […]

  • Boots Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Boots: They offer a number of graduate programmes that include the Brand, Buying & Marketing Programme. This is a two-year scheme providing hands-on experience in two jobs in the areas of Buying, Brand and/or Marketing. You’ll also get to do a placement in one of the stores. The Retail Management Programme is about learning by […]

  • MSD Graduate Scheme

    Hoddeson, London, Milton Keynes & Cramlington
    • Graduate Scheme
    • MSD: With offices in 140 countries (4 in the UK), they provide an innovative range of services and pharmaceutical products which promote and support health and wellbeing. They produced the first tuberculosis (TB) vaccine in 1944. They offer a range of graduate opportunities across medical affairs, clinical research, marketing, procurement, engineering, technology, HR, external affairs  and many […]

  • DBS Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • DBS: A large financial services group based in Asia. They have a number of graduate associate programmes all based in Singapore, positions are in technology & operations, retail banking (sales),  retail banking (management and SMW banking). They also offer a 2 year Mangement associate Programme based in Asia and a Business Analytics immersion programme also […]

  • Weatherford Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Weatherford: They are looking for graduates in all of the engineering and geoscience disciplines to work on the planning, evaluation, construction, production and maintenance of oil and gas wells. They have 87 manufacturing facilities around the globe, which are constantly growing. As a result, they are continuously looking to fill new positions to ensure the […]

  • Schroders Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Schroders: Their graduate programmes cover a number of different business areas, including Investment, Finance, Commercial, Tech, and Risk and Compliance, with opportunities in London, Singapore and China. Their Investment Programme offers analysts positions from day one in equities, fixed income or the multi asset dept. The private bank offers roles as a client executive, analysing portfolios […]

  • Barclays Personal & Corporate Banking Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Barclays Personal & Corporate Banking. They offer a range of programmes across different business areas. Each programme is around 2 years in length. Some include rotational placements.

  • CDK Global Graduate Scheme

    CDK Global
    • Graduate Scheme
    • CDK Global. They are the market leading supplier of software and services to the retail automotive industry. They offer a number of 2 year graduate schemes. Opportunities exist in product management, operations, product development, software development and financial and market analysis. All the schemes are designed to give you maximum exposure to the international technology […]

  • Close Brothers Graduate Scheme

    Close Brothers
    London & Wimbledon
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Close Brothers. Close Brothers is a leading UK merchant banking group providing lending, deposit taking, wealth management services and securities trading. Graduate programmes are available in risk, finance, operations and technology. You will join specific departments. Degrees in all disciplines are considered however the following subjects are desirable: IT, Computer Science, Business, Finance, Economics, Engineering, […]

  • Softcat Graduate Scheme

    London, Marlow & Manchester
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Softcat. They are IT resellers and specialise in IT sourcing, delivering and supporting, from the smallest to most complex IT solutions. They offer two graduate programmes: Sales Track and Tech Track. For the Tech Track programme you need to have a pasion for IT and Technology. You will be working with the support and managed […]

  • Cummins Graduate Scheme

    Glasgow, Leeds & Slough
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Cummins: They have a wide range of graduate roles, including all engineering disciplines, Finance, IT, HR, marketing, MBA and supply chain. The Graduate Development Scheme is offered from most UK sites (Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds) and consists of a wide range of placement positions. Priority is given to their successful placement students. They are interested in Engineering […]

  • Lucite International Graduate Scheme

    Lucite International
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Lucite International: A global leader in the design, development and manufacture of acrylic-based products. They have opportunities for chemical, mechanical, electrical/ instrument engineers. They are all 5 year programmes. The programme will be tailored to your individual needs and will give you experience in a wide range of roles working at one of their large-scale upstream monomer […]

  • Environment Agency Graduate Scheme

    Environment Agency
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Environment Agency: They run graduate programmes for civil engineers and business and IT graduates. The civil engineering programme takes between three and four years to complete. Your work will focus on four core areas: Technical, Commercial, Professional and Management Skills. Once you have obtained your charted status you’ll be a Flood and Coastal Risk Engineer […]

  • Nissan Graduate Scheme

    Cranfield, Sunderland & Rickmansworth
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Nissan. They offer a number of Graduate Programmes in the following areas; engineering, finance, HR, purchasing, operations, business technology, sales & marketing, logistics and supply chain.

  • Morgan Stanley Technology Graduate Scheme

    Morgan Stanley
    London & Glasgow
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Morgan Stanley Technology. You will join the Application Development or the Infrastructure Engineering Track training programme. They are 15 weeks in length. You need to have a computer science, compuer orelectrical engineering, Maths, physics or a related technology/science degree and experience of at least one programming language. There is also an analyst operations programme.

  • Channel 4 Graduate Scheme

    Channel 4
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Channel 4: They offer the Graduate Training Programme. It runs for 20 months giving you hands on experience in your chosen business area as well as a wider view of Channel 4 and the UK media industry.

 Additionally, you will gain a Creative Skillset MA in Creative Media Leadership. This will be gained through Skillset modules and […]

  • Unilever Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Unilever: Their Future Leaders Programme (UFLP) is available within the following business areas: Financial Management; Supply Chain Management; Customer Management (Sales); Business & Technology Management; Human Resources; Research and Development; Marketing; China Programme and Asia, Middle East, Africa and Russia (AMEAR) Programme.All trainees on the UFLP start a comprehensive development programme from day one and […]

  • DESG Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • DESG: The DESG Graduate Scheme is tailored to individual development needs and lasts for a maximum of two years (reduced for graduates with previous experience) and includes a range of in-house work placements, industry secondments and formal training courses. On entry to the scheme you will be assigned to an Engineering System Anchor in either […]

  • Arqiva Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Arqiva: They are a leading communications infrastructure and media services company providing much of the infrastructure behind television, radio, satellite and wireless communications in the UK. They offer a range of gradute programmes. They specifically look for those studying Engineering, IT, Maths, Physics or Telecommunications related degrees. Programmes are within engineering, technology or commercial.

  • Raytheon Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Raytheon. Their Leadership Development programme is a structured 2-year programme providing the opportunity to work in a range of business areas. Roles exist in Software Engineering, IT, Project Management, HR, Finance and Commercial. Within engineering, development schemes exist within systems, mechanical, electrical cyber, software or quality engineering. For the engineering roles, computer science, physics, maths […]

  • Fidessa Graduate Scheme

    Belfast, London & Woking
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Fidessa. They provide multi-asset trading and investment infrastructure, market data and analysis, and decision making and workflow technology to the banking community globally. $15 trillion worth of transactions flow across their global network each year. They offer a number of graduates the opportunity to develop their careers in their business. They look for high calibre, […]

  • Kames Capital Graduate Scheme

    Kames Capital
    Edinburgh & London
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Kames Capital: Opportunities exist within Investment Administration and Professional services, those areas that support their investment management team. They include Change Management, Finance, Fund Service Management, IT, Operations, Performance Analysis, Portfolio Risk Control, Regulatory Risk, Reporting Strategy and Transfer agency. A degree or postgraduate qualification with a focus on a finance / science / maths […]

  • Nomura Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Nomura. Full time Analyst positions exist within Investment Banking, Global Markets (Equities and Fixed Income), Finance, Operations and Technology. Find out more about how to prepare for the job assessment process of Nomura HERE.

  • Halliburton Graduate Scheme

    UK & Ireland
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Halliburton: Using the latest geological technologies, Halliburton create data that help their customers locate oil and natural gas. When hydrocarbons are located, they provide solutions to determine if oil and gas can be produced. Their Drilling & Evaluation and Completion & Production business units supply the expertise, advanced technologies and innovative solutions to help their […]

  • M15 Security Service Graduate Scheme

    M15 Security Service
    • Graduate Scheme
    • M15 Security Service: MI5 safeguards the United Kingdom against threats to national security including terrorism, espionage, sabotage and the spread of weapons of mass destruction. They offer 2 year graduate development programmes in the following areas: intelligence officer (IODP), intelligence and data analysis (I&DADP) and technology. The IODP is a structured two year programme designed to […]

  • Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Secret Intelligence Service (MI6): Although SIS does not have a specific graduate training programme, they recruit graduates as language specialists (Mandarin, Arabic and European languages) and Technology experts; Graduate Network and Electrical/Electronic Systems Engineers and Graduate Software Development Engineers.

  • Bentley Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Bentley. The two-year development programme combines technical learning alongside developing your interpersonal skills through workshops, team projects and community work, as well as an individual placement plan and professional development. Additionally, you will have the chance to undertake a placement elsewhere within the VW Group. You will be based in Crewe, although international placements are […]

  • The London Stock Exchange Graduate Scheme

    The London Stock Exchange
    • Graduate Scheme
    • The London Stock Exchange: They offer 2 graduate programmes – one in business the other in technology. You will complete three distinct six-month rotations in any one of their key business areas. During the graduate programme, there is an opportunity for international experience. If you join the Technology Programme, there will be a clear technology focus to two […]

  • Precision Castparts Corp Graduate Scheme

    Precision Castparts Corp
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Precision Castparts Corp: They offer a Management development programme designed for those wishing to run manufacturing plants. Typically you need a masters in engineering and have 6 months working in the manufacturing industry. This is a 2 year programme during which you will undertake 4 assignments of 6 months each and you are expected to […]

  • Which? Graduate Scheme

    London, Bristol & Cardiff
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Which?: Graduates at Which? are encouraged to take on a variety of challenges in our different teams. The two-year scheme’s made up of four rotations, where you’ll spend six months at a time working on exciting, varied projects in different areas of the business. You’ll get the chance to work alongside senior managers on high-profile […]

  • RBC Capital Markets Graduate Scheme

    RBC Capital Markets
    • Graduate Scheme
    • RBC Capital Markets. They offer Analyst positions in London within Global Investment Banking, Global Markets, IT, Operations, Risk Management. Training is generally in London and Toronto.

  • Invesco Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Invesco: They offer a number of trainees a 12 month placement with us in Henley on Thames, as part of the investment 2020 initiative. Previous intakes have seen placements in Marketing, Compliance, IT, Investments, Sales and HR.

  • HSBC Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • HSBC. Their Global Analyst Induction Programme is available within Global Banking Advisory, Equity Capital Markets, Coverage-Relationship Management, Leveraged and Acquisition Finance, Project and Export Finance, Sales, Trading, Debt Capital Markets, Global research, Compliance, Finance, Operations, Technology, Securities Service Asset Management and Private Banking. Practice tailored psychometric tests similar to the ones used by HSBC HERE.

  • DNV-GL Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • DNV-GL. They have opportunities in a number of their companies and run a 24 month graduate programme. There are graduate Programme opportunities in Asset Integrity, Chemical Process Engineering, Gas Transmission & Distribution Services, Naval Architecture and Safety & Risk. You need a degree (BSc, MSc or PhD) in civil, structural, chemical, mechanical or geotechnical engineering […]

  • GSK Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • GSK. They offer The Future Leaders Programme, which comprise a number of programmes which include Business & Technology Consulting, Engineering & Supply Chain, Manufacturing Science, Manufacturing Operations and product development.

  • Cambridge Consultants Graduate Scheme

    Cambridge Consultants
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Cambridge Consultants. They specialise in innovative product development and work with some of the world’s leading blue chips, as well as the virtual development team for ambitious start-up companies. They supply innovative product development engineering and technology consulting from innovative concept right the way through to taking a product into manufacturing.They are based in Cambridge, […]

  • Google Graduate Scheme

    Dublin, London & Manchester
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Google: They offer an Online Media Associate Programme. This is a 2 year career development program which offers international graduates from all academic disciplines an insight into online business, advertising and new technologies. The program is available in both their European Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and the Wroclaw office in Poland. They also have another […]

  • Wellcome Trust Graduate Scheme

    Wellcome Trust
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Wellcome Trust. The two-year programme is your opportunity, as a recent graduate (or Master’s graduate), to help shape the future of science-related research, education and arts, while gaining specialist experience in funding and policy, finance and investing, or engagement and communications. The two-year programmes consists of four six-month rotations. The Funding & Policy Programme provides […]

  • Met Office Graduate Scheme

    Met Office
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Met Office: There are opportunities in Forecasting, Technology, Science, Engineering, Marketing and Corporate Services. Applicable degrees for forecasting include meteorology, physics, mathematics, environmental sciences and geography. They provide an Initial Forecasting Course designed to train and test your meteorological knowledge and build your operational forecasting experience. Mechanical and electronic engineering degrees are required for the […]

  • Amazon Graduate Scheme

    Dublin, Edinburgh & London
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Amazon:  There are a number of roles for graduates within Amazon. They are varied and span multiple business areas. Opportunities exist on their Rotational Finance Programme, business development, e-commerce, investigation specialist, and software development. They also offer an MBA programme which comprises a Retail Regional Development Programme, a 5-7 year path to key leadership roles. […]

  • Samsung Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Samsung. They offer an 18 month opportunity for graduates. Their graduate roles are based at Samsung’s UK and European Head Quarters in Chertsey, Surrey. Roles include marketing, sales, HR and finance.

  • Vodafone Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Vodafone: The Graduate Discover Programme is 2 years in length. You will spend the first two months in one of their retail stores. For stages 2 and 3, you’ll spend five months each working in different teams. Positions could be in their head office in Newbury, at their call centres in Stoke-on-Trent or Newark or […]

  • British Airways Graduate Scheme

    British Airways
    • Graduate Scheme
    • British Airways: Graduate Programmes are offered as follows: Operational Research, Leaders for Business, Engineering (2 year programme), World Cargo (3 year programme), Analyst, Procurement and IT. Practice tailored psychometric tests similar to the ones used by BA HERE.

  • John Lewis Partnership Graduate Scheme

    John Lewis Partnership
    London & Bracknell
    • Graduate Scheme
    • John Lewis Partnership. They offer a technology graduate scheme. The three-year training programme includes technical training; this may cover for example, PRINCE 2, Java training and also an international placement. You’ll be based in central London or Bracknell in one of the IT functions. After two years of broad training, you will be free to […]

  • Expand Research Graduate Scheme

    Expand Research
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Expand Research: Expand Research, a company of The Boston Consulting Group, provides market research within the Capital Markets and Financial Services Industry with a focus on technology and operations. They are looking for graduates to join as an analyst or associate. Analysts would typically have responsibility for managing and delivering specific projects, internally and/or to clients. […]

  • Wood Group Graduate Scheme

    Wood Group
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Wood Group: Wood Group comprises a diverse collection of businesses under three divisions & Engineering (Mustang & Kenny), Wood Group PSN and Wood Group GTS. The structure and approach allows each of the businesses a high degree of autonomy and independence. The result is many different cultures, destinations and career paths under a single corporate […]

  • Rabobank Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Rabobank. They offer a Young IT Professional Programme, giving successful graduates the opportunity of a 18 month training period in technology. They are looking for computer science graduates or a degree in a science related field.

  • BT Graduate Scheme

    Belfast, Cardiff, Ipswich & Glasgow
    • Graduate Scheme
    • BT. They run six programmes; HR, Marketing, Legal, Sales, Business Management and Technology. They are all based in London apart from the technology posts, which are located in Ipswich, Belfast, Cardiff and Glasgow. For this programme you will need a qualification in Computer science, electronics, electronic engineering, maths, physics or an IT related subject. Most […]

  • Marks & Spencer Graduate Scheme

    Marks & Spencer
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Marks & Spencer: They offer a number of graduate schemes. These include iRetail Management, Buying, Merchandising, Design, Fabric/garment technology, food technology, food buyer, M&, IT business analyst, IT Software engineering, logistics & supply chain and marketing. Most involve an initial 12-18 months training. Learn more about M&S assessment process and online tests HERE.

  • Ocado Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Ocado: They offer a Technology Graduate scheme aimed at computer science graduates. Take a look at their dedicated technology careers site. In addition they have several other development programmes in Operations Management, Retail and HR. The Retail scheme is made up of placements across Trading, Marketing, Supply Chain, Non-Food and Own Brand amongst others.

  • Barclays Technology Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Barclays. They offer graduate programmes in technology in both corporate and investment banking and retail and business banking. In the former you could be working on powerful analytical systems, supporting new products, creating trading systems or contributing to strategic decision-making. In the later, as part of the Future Leaders Development Programme, you’ll focus on Digital […]

  • Miller Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Miller. The Miller Group is a major UK property business, specialising in housebuilding, commercial property, construction and integrated asset management services. They offer 2 graduate pathways: Business and Technical. All the technical roles are within the construction division. The commercial opportunities would be of interest to applicants who have studied Quantity Surveying or Construction Management. The environmental opportunity […]

  • Oracle Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Oracle. They offer a structured graduate programme across EMEA offering relevant training. The Graduate Programme covers the first 18 months on joining Oracle. Core skills covered in the programme are organisational awareness, presentation skills, communication skills, analytical thinking, and customer focus. Technical and Functional skills will be also covered through other training programmes. The teams […]

  • Ramboll Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Ramboll. They are looking for graduates across many disciplines, including Structures, Infrastructure, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Environmental, covering offices in the UK and UAE. They are committed to selecting the best graduate engineers at each new intake, and to offering projects and tasks that you can be proud to work on. From day one, a wide […]

  • Alfa (CHP Consulting) Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Alfa (Previously CHP Consulting). Alfa is the supplier of ALFA Systems, the leading software platform for top asset finance companies worldwide. They offer a graduate scheme with a number of intakes each year. You do not need a technical degree to apply but you do need a strong academic record and an interest in technology […]

  • Fujitsu Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Fujitsu. An 18-month modular Graduate Development Programme which concentrates on personal impact, business awareness and leadership. Roles exist in HR, Data Centre & Networks, Finance, Project Management, Service Delivery Management, Sales, ITG and Commercial Practice.

  • M&G Investments Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • M&G Investments:  12-18 month schemes with a four week training programme across many business areas; Investment (rotational), Commercial (rotational), Information Systems, Finance & Accounting, Compliance, Human Resources, Operational Risk, Risk and Business & IT Analysis. After the 12-18 months, graduates move into permanent posts. Practice M&G online tests and prepare for the assessment centre HERE.

  • ARM Holdings Graduate Scheme

    ARM Holdings
    • Graduate Scheme
    • ARM Holdings. They run a Graduate Development programme and have a number of opportunities for engineers (electrical or software) and computer science graduates.

  • Sembcorp Graduate Scheme

    Birmingham & Bournemouth
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Sembcorp:  Offer a 4-year graduate programme which includes professional development to chartered status (IMechE or IChemE). The scheme includes rotational placements across a number of business areas. They are part of Sembcorp Industries, a leading energy, water and marine group based in Singapore with operations on six continents worldwide. In the UK, there is Sembcorp […]

  • RBS Graduate Scheme

    Bristol, Edinburgh, London & Manchester
    • Graduate Scheme
    • RBS Group. Programmes include Capital Markets, Research & Strategy, Sales, Trading, Structuring, International Banking, UK Retail and Wealth Management (Coutts and Adam & Co). There are also programmes available within Business Services, Finance, Technology, Operations, Risk, HR and Audit.

  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch Graduate Scheme

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Bank of America Merrill Lynch: BAML offer both Analyst and Associate (MBA required) full time programmes. The programme format and offering varies by business but all programmes offer formal, ongoing training and development opportunities, structured performance evaluations, mentoring support and networking opportunities; all set to supplement your on the job learning and experiences. Opportunities are available in […]

  • Babcock Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Babcock: They offer over 100 engineering, technical, science, business and management graduate positions each year. They primarily recruit into Engineering & Technical and Business Support. The former are drawn from related degrees, the later from a range of degree disciplines. You will be assigned a buddy, mentor and programme manager on joining.

  • Royal Mail Group Graduate Scheme

    Royal Mail Group
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Royal Mail Group. They offer 6 graduate programmes: operations, central operations, commercial, finance, HR and Technology. Both operations schemes are 18 months, involving three 6-month placements. The commercial programme is 2 years and you will rotate between three 8-month placements. Finance is 3 years and in length and technology is 2 years, with 3 placements.

  • Sellafield Ltd Graduate Scheme

    Sellafield Ltd
    Whitehaven, West Cumbria & Risley
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Sellafield Ltd. Their graduate scheme is 2 years in length and you will gain accreditation. When you apply to join the Sellafield Graduate Scheme you’re not applying to a specific role or vacancy. After a period of training they will find the right role for you. Possible options include; Design Engineering, Plant Engineering, Technical Support, […]

  • BOC Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • BOC: Their Engineering Graduate Scheme involves four annual placements, at different sites throughout the UK. These roles will cover different departments and business areas within the organisation. The scheme provides a supportive learning environment to encourage the achievement of chartered status through the IChemE / IMechE / IET. Heading up and driving the graduate scheme […]

  • Petrofac Graduate Scheme

    Aberdeen & Woking
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Petrofac: They provide a structured graduate training programme in Aberdeen and Woking. In Aberdeen they normally offer a two-year programme which is then following by a supervised development role. They are committed to supporting individual graduates to achieve Chartered Engineer status, or their equivalent professional standard. Engineering roles include mechanical, electrical, chemical, metering, structural, instrument […]

  • Signal Graduate Scheme

    Cheltenham, London & Edinbugh
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Signal: A marketing services and technology company. Specialising in the charity, travel and finance sectors, they manage direct mail and online campaigns, from planning and design, through to data, delivery, website build and carbon footprinting. They have three offices in Cheltenham, London and Edinburgh. You will be based in Cheltenham and you will be trained […]

  • Sopra Group Graduate Scheme

    Sopra Group
    Birmingham, Chester, Edinburgh, London & Sunderland
    • Graduate Scheme
    • Sopra Group. Sopra Group is one of Europe’s largest and most successful IT Services Organisations. They produce high quality IT solutions. Applicants should have, or be expecting to attain, a 2:1 or above in: Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Operational Research, Business Intelligence, Actuarial Science, Risk, Economics, Business Studies, Business Analysis, […]

  • American Express Graduate Scheme

    American Express
    • Graduate Scheme
    • American Express: Their full time graduate programme includes rotational and non rotational programmes depending on business requirements. They are 18-24 months in length and available within Client Management & Sales, Customer Care, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Risk Management and Technologies.

  • Sky Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Sky: They offer a diverse range of programmes in the following areas: Customer Services, Marketing & Media, Procurement, Finance & Strategy, HR and Technology. Within Marketing and Media there are then a further range of possible programmes including Marketing, Corporate Affairs & PR, SKY IQ Marketing, Creative & Digital Design and Betting & Gaming Marketing. […]

  • MTC Graduate Scheme

    Coventry & Liverpool
    • Graduate Scheme
    • MTC: The Manufacturing Technology Centre offers the MTC Graduate Development Programme. They are interested in graduates with the following degree disciplines: mechanical, electrical, electronic, manufacturing engineering, materials science, physics, maths or computer science. The MTC represents a £40.5million publicly funded investment and has been developed in response to the Government’s manufacturing strategy. The focus of […]

  • News International Graduate Scheme

    News International
    • Graduate Scheme
    • News International: Their Graduate Programme is two years in length. Schemes exist within Advertising, Editorial in The Sun, HR, Marketing & Sales, Manufacturing & Operations and Technology. As a Sun Graduate you will spend two years working in different departments in London, Glasgow and Dublin as learning the craft of journalism in the following areas: […]

  • Sony Graduate Scheme

    • Graduate Scheme
    • Sony. The European Graduate Programme is Sony’s two year programme which combines business experience, training modules, mentoring and social entrepreneurship. It combines on-the-job and off-the-job development for graduates of various backgrounds. Over the two years you rotate on two assignments, of 12 months each, taking roles in sales, strategy, product marketing, communications, business development and […]

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