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Interested in accountancy? Join Alexander Sloan straight from school and gain the CA exams in 5 years - apply now
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  • Breaking NewsClose Brothers, a leading financial services institute have an open day on 8th April to provide information about their 2 year school leaver programme, called Aspire, working across the banking division within a variety of lending areas and business locations. It is invitation only and will be held in London in the evening. Find out more information here

  • Breaking NewsHave you just started or about to go to University?....Fantastic - have a great time and party hard. However you need to be smart too and start to apply for first year summer internships from October of your first year. Most are open to receive applications from Sept to Dec.

    These relate to placements in the Easter or Summer of your first year. They will give you invaluable work experience and put you ahead of the game.

    If you are doing a 4 year degree then you should apply for these in your second year.

    So don't miss out! Click here to look at the possible choices.

  • Breaking News

    Raleigh International is recruiting for 18-25 year olds for its International Citizen Service (ICS) which is a UK government funded development programme that brings together young people to make a difference in some of the poorest communities in the world. Raleigh ICS placements depart three times a year in spring, summer and autumn. Volunteers will need to commit to 10-12 weeks on a placement in India, Nicaragua or Tanzania, and a project in their own community on their return. All ICS volunteers work to fight poverty overseas through making improvements, which are not short-lived, but that are the foundations for the future. The majority of Raleigh ICS volunteers will work on a community-based project. More information HERE 


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    Do you need to complete online numerical and verbal tests for a job application? Click here for some advice. Make sure you take a number of practice tests before you do the real thing.

    Try not to panic - they are hard for everyone. The pass mark tends to be fairly low and on some tests many people do not finish all the questions.